The benefits of using TestLab

  • It is cheaper to conduct a test
  • It is faster to get feedback
  • It easier to repeat a test
  • It is easier to share results
  • You can continue to testing without extra costs
  • TestLab is "all in one" platform

Use TestLab in the idea phase

By user testing your idea you will get a quick market validation and perhaps essential feedback to make the right decisions, before spending time and money on developing the final product.

Here you can quickly and easily examine, for instance if the users are navigating around the mobile site as expected, or if the user experience results in the required conversions etc.

Instant feedback & analysis

After each test you can immediately check results in the shape of feedback, analyses and statistics. With the help of heatmaps, navigation and comments, you will quickly get a complete overview of, how the test persons have interacted with your prototype. The results can be used to quickly make informed decisions regarding the modifications and improvements of your product.


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