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Here you will find information regarding the most frequently asked questions about Testlab and our platform concerning:

  • Test Pilots
  • Desktop version
  • Prototype Builder

If you dont find the answer to your question in the following, please contact us at: support@testlab.io

Q: Can I test on the mobile platform and desktop?


Q: Is it free to use test persons?

It is free to use, recruit, and import your own groups of test persons. However, if you also require more independent and unbiased test persons, Testlab can provide these for 99 DKK pr. test person (where one person will complete one test).

Q: Is it possible to video record my tests?

TestLab is a data driven platform that provide you with an easy to communicate, synthesised analysis of your test persons behaviour in your prototype. This does not go well with the time consuming process of reviewing long recording sessions.

Q: Can I use my own test group?

You can import and recruit an unlimited number of test persons from your own test group, to test your prototypes, as it is not a requirement that you buy test persons from Testlab. When you need a large set of unbiased test persons, we will be happy to provide you with this, to give you top quality test results.

Q: How are the test persons selected and segmented?

As of now, test persons within Testlab are selected and segmented by demographic variables. You can also import your own specific test group within the Testlab tool. In time, this will be subject to change, as very detailed requirements to test groups then can be developed and implemented as customised deals.

Q: Can I get help if I need assistance or have questions?

Yes! We are always ready to answer any questions you might have. You can always contact us through the live-chat, write an e-mail or by calling us directly.

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