Who We Are

Testlab is a Copenhagen based company consisting of a handpicked team with strong competencies and skills with a common vision of developing an online tool for quick and effective testing of mobile prototypes - with a strong focus on lowering the bar for creating engaging iteractive prototypes.

Each team member has within his specific field of compentence contributed to the development of this unique tool, that takes testing of mobile prototypes to a whole new level.

Meet Our Team

Claus Venlov

Claus Venlov - TestLab team member

Sebbe Selvig

Sebbe Selvig - TestLab team member

Thomas Rosser

Thomas Rosser - TestLab team member

Gediminas Bivainis

Gediminas Bivainis - TestLab team member

Chrystian Ruminowicz

Chrystian Ruminowicz - TestLab team member

Kim Bjørn

Kim Bjørn - TestLab team member

Rikke Gantzel

Rikke Gantzel - TestLab team member

Kim G. Christensen

Kim G. Christensen - TestLab team member

Our Clients

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